My Family Life Photo Sessions


I will spend a few hours with your family, recording moments and interactions. The idea is to record snippets in your life that reflect what your family is like at a point in time. Some people think that their family is ordinary, just like anyone else’s. Maybe so…you may all eat dinner together (like most families you know), your children may do their chores everyday (or not, if they are anything like my children), and nighttime includes a book after a bath every night.


However, I guarantee that your days are NOT like everyone else’s, just like your family is different from all the other families in the world. Your family - its rhythms, its flavor, the way everyone interacts - is unique. I promise you that there will come a day when you will wish that you recorded the special way your husband attends to your kids after a long day at work, the way your children love on their pets after school, the hours you spend at the park on a nice weekend, and how you enjoy the quiet moments when you have time to yourself.


I cherish these times with my own family, and I would like to think that I am not the only one. Thus, recording these moments is the service I offer to you.


To schedule your My Family Life Photo Session, contact me at (916) 769-5482 or