My Family Life Documentary Photo Sessions

Because childhood has an expiration date


Playing with bubbles

Sleeping their favorite toys

Squeals of happiness when their favorite people come over

Hugging your dog

Eating their favorite food

Toddling and running after your husband

Their loving and content little faces as they look into your eyes


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to record all this? Having photos that show the love in your home, the way your kids play together, and your special routines would be such a gift! But lately, you've been so busy, that having family photos seems like a dream. 


Do any of the below statements sound familiar?

  • You know you need to schedule a photo session but you worry about how your kids are going to behave
  • You stress about how you are going to keep everyone happy during that hour long photo session PLUS the time it will take to review the photos PLUS the time it will take to make a decision on what to purchase
  • Thinking about doing it yourself is exhausting
  • You see all of the beautiful photos on Instagram and think, “I wish I could have photos of my family like that.”
  • All you want are photos. That’s it. It’s frustrating because your kids are changing every day and you want to capture it all before it goes away forever.  
  • More often than not, you wish you could be in the pictures too. 



Now imagine...

  • You have a gorgeous book of memories that you can’t wait to share with your friends.
  • Many of the photos are your kids are in their element – playing their favorite games, reading their favorite books, jumping in puddles, chasing bubbles, enjoying their favorite foods, fingerpainting, chasing your chickens, hugging the dog, the list goes on.
  • The photos reflect the love in your family.
  • You’ve even printed some out and they are displayed on your walls.
  • Everyone who comes to your home OOHS and AAHS over your gorgeous photos and your beautiful family (and are slightly jealous).
  • In a few years, your eyes well up whenever you look at these pictures, seeing how much your children have changed. So many of the behaviors and looks that are captured in the photos no longer exist outside of the photographs and it feels so good to be able to look at them as much as you want.
  • Your kids are saying things like, "Mom! I remember us doing that. It was so fun!"
  • You enjoy being part of your family's memories, and not just an observer behind the camera.  



Photographs that Reflect Your Reality 

My Family Life Sessions allow you to have family photographs done in familiar settings.

You will have photos that reflect your family at a certain point in time: all the love, the tantrums, the crazy things that kids do, the way your husband plays with your children and makes everyone laugh, the care that your oldest sets the table, the look of satisfaction on your middle child’s face after a really delicious dessert.

No posing, no dressing up (unless you want to!)…just you and the members of your family being themselves.



The Photographer Behind the Lens

Hi, I’m Claire and I’m the photographer behind Claire Toney Photography.

My passion is photography and working with families to document the most intimate but fleeting moments of their family lives. I can’t tell you the number of times that I wish I had a photograph of my son when he was very little, hugging our dog that passed away last year or a shot of him mid-bounce as he went to his room.

My journey as a photographer was quite the winding path…

I have an Art degree and an MA in Education, both from from San Jose State University. As I reflect on this, I wonder – WOW how did I wind up here?


I’m a mom that just loves my kids

It is safe to say that the main reason for this journey are my children. Just before my daughter was born, my husband lost his job and with this, came the loss of our house. Our saving grace was that I still had my job (which I most likely would have left after she was born). It took a few years before he got a job again for us to afford another child and for me to stay home with the kids.

I took up photography because I didn’t want to miss any of either of their childhoods. I missed so much of my daughter’s babyhood that I felt that I had to catch up.

As many photos as I took, though, I still feel like I missed a lot, because I was too busy with all the stuff that moms need to do. The laundry never seemed to end, the sink was always full of dirty dishes, never mind the time I needed to make the meals to feed everyone...who has time to take photos of themselves with their kids when all of this take priority?


My offer to you

I wish I had taken more photos of our everyday lives, and this is why I offer My Family Life Documentary Services.

When you hire me, you will be hiring someone who is committed to capturing memories that you can look at in a few years and reminisce how life used to be.

So, what am I offering? Request the brochure which details My Family Life Sessions. We can then schedule a FREE phone consultation to answer any questions you may have and whether or not this type of session will work for you and your family - no strings attached.

If you decide that we are a perfect fit, I will either schedule a second phone consultation with you or send you a questionnaire about your family, habits, and dreams so I can become more familiar with everyone.  It will also help me plan my time accordingly.

On our appointed date, I will travel to your location. After I meet everyone that will be in the photos, I will spend my time capturing moments that are important to you, based on the questionnaire and conversations we have before our date.


If you are not ready for this session yet and need to figure out the right time, remember that childhood does have an expiration date. Will you have enough photos to look back on when that happens?



My Family Life Photo Sessions are unlike other traditional family portrait sessions. A couple of my clients can explain best with the testimonials that they’ve left:


“Claire is so genuine and easy to work with! She had my 9 year old daughter laughing and being completely herself during our photo shoot - made for the BEST photos! Working with her is amazing and the quality of her photos is the same. I would not go to anyone else for photos now that I've worked with Claire!”- Kim


“Having Claire over was so much fun! She is so sweet and warm and has a good eye. My son Iban initially didn’t want to be in any pictures and in a very respectful and playful way Claire managed to get some great shots of him! Claire made us an album that is done beautifully! We love all the pictures and will definitely hire her for our next family event!”



An Heirloom Investment with a FREE Consultation

Listen, I know that this is a big decision and the investment may be a lot more than you ever considered for family photographs, in terms of time and money. You wonder if all of it is worth it. And the truth is, there are a million photographers out there able to deliver gorgeous photographs. So why choose me?


This is what a couple of my clients said about their sessions:

 “Claire did such an amazing job capturing the personality of my daughter as well as the love in our house. Having her in our home was truly a blessing, it was like having a friend over for a visit that resulted in beautiful photographs, you forget she is there taking the pictures, she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and there are no words for her talent. I have shown the video she made to a few people and everyone gets tears in their eyes (my dad cried like a baby). If you are even thinking you want something different than the average posed family photo shoot this is the way to go and no one I have seen capture the daily moments and show the true beauty of them like Claire can…I just can’t say enough great things!!!” - Kristin


"Having had both formal portraits and day in the life shoots, I can say that you are in good hands. Capturing the details while keeping things natural can be so hard, but Claire's attention is on it. The light, the locations, professional and thorough mean that you get the best shots and in a timely manner. They are treasures that will capture your heart and show the love. Can't wait to do more shoots and watch my family grow through Claire's lens! " - Azy


So, what are you waiting for? 

Contact me today for a FREE consultation no strings attached. We will go through all of your options together or I can send you a free Client Guide for your perusal. Just send me your email address and I will send it to you right away!