Sneak Peeks: Day in the Life with the Pendleton Family

November 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Day in the Life Sessions give me the opportunity to capture the richness of daily family life. How many times have you told yourself "I have to take a picture of Maddy playing with her hair like that" or "One day I will have to videotape the way Jonny's cheeks look when he eats spaghetti" or "I love the way Daddy plays with the kids...I wish I could remember exactly how things are now"?

If you are anything like me, you think things like this all the time! See below for some Sneak Peeks of my evening with the Pendleton family - an everyday family just like yours. I can't thank them enough to allow me into their home to capture their everyday moments. I hope that when they look at these images, they remember the moment it was taken and remember that although life wasn't perfect (it never is!) but it was beautiful because of the people in it. 

Booking Day in the Life Sessions for 2017 now! Contact me at or 916-631-8415. I am available for travel! 


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