Box of Memories

March 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
It seems like yesterday when I was taking holiday photos. When I look out my window nowadays, the green grass remind me of the rain and cold, grey skies, and the storms that hit a few months ago. 

One of those storms hit the same day I was to take Day in the Life photos of some friends of mine. Our plans for a day long photoshoot to include the tree cutting at Apple Hill were curtailed by strong winds and rain. So instead, Monica, Dave, and their two boys chose a tree closer to home; The tree was named "Timy" by Austin. 

What I most remember was the box of ornaments that Monica kept all of the ornaments in - the box of memories. It was full of ornaments made by her kids, as well as Monica's toys turned into ornaments by her mother. This picture is the second one in this series. I love this and I wish I had thought of it! I guess I have good reason now to keep all of the little toys that my own children no longer play with. 


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