No such thing as boring

July 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
I spent a few hours with one of my friends the other week for a "Day in the Life" photosession. They love their time together and I so appreciated that they were willing to spend some of it with me. 

My friend's little girl wanted a picture of herself with her mom and the way that she is woken up in the morning. Of course, I obliged! 

Some people may think that lots and lots of activities are necessary for this type of session. I strongly believe that this is not the case. For example, this family spent a good amount of time playing their favorite games, because this is what they do normally. Boring pictures? I don't think so! Because they do this activity often, they have expectations and assumptions of each other during the games that bring out the best expressions and interactions that I was able to catch with my camera. 

We took a stroll near their home and we saw many sunworshippers enjoying the day on the river. Afterwards, we returned to their house and they played in the pool. 

My favorite quote from the day is from an interaction with Liz and her daughter:

M (she asked this after her brother left the pool): "Why is everyone done??"
Liz: "Because it's cold!"
M: "I'm not cold because I'm a mermaid!"

Yes you are, little one, yes, you are


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