Tangible Heart Memories

March 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Think about the memories that fill your heart to bursting...

simple ones like watching the sunset with your husband or life changing ones such as the birth of your child - these are heart memories.  


My daughter's dog passed away last year.

 It was Leap Day - she was fine in the morning, and that evening she was gone. She was quite photogenic, being a Pomeranian, so I have lots of photos of her, many of which I've posted on FaceBook.

Every so often, her photo pops up on my feed. Our Lucy in "dogpants", or playing with our other dog, or cuddling with my daughter. These are some of my heart memories. 

I still think of her...memories fade, though.

I never want to forget her sweet face, her crooked unfluffy tail, and her spirit. The more time passes, the more I appreciate the photos we have of her, especially the ones with stories. The one with her wearing her "dogpants" for instance, make me laugh every time I see it. At that time, my daughter was just learning handwork (sewing and knitting). Of course, the first thing she wanted to make were pants for Lucy and a color-coordinated scarf.  



Stories like this help our loved ones live on

I bet you have some of these yourself. If you do, I would love to hear them <3

You can either send it to me directly at claire@joyfulpix.com or post it in the comments. Thank you for allowing me to share mine. 

Rest in Peace Lucy, 6/2004 - 2/29/2016



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