Peach Festival - Folsom, 2017


For the past 3 years, the Peach Festival has been held in Historic Folsom. This year, it was held on July 15. It occurred at the same time as their Saturday Market, so I didn't know where one ended and the other began.

So many peaches at the Peach Festival at Old Folsom!

There was a good crowd there with 3 sets of musicians to entertain everyone.

Entertainment at the Peach Festival located in Old Folsom.

Accordion player at the Peach Festival located in Old Folsom.

Singer at Peach Festival located in Old Folsom.

It was also nice to see a couple of my friends' businesses in the mix - Common Kettle and Basket Bungalow.

I loved that there were plenty of local businesses there and a few new ones that I never noticed before. One of the businesses I spoke with, Hensleigh Healthy Beef, raises cattle and were selling cuts of beef. I know this may seem strange, but I enjoyed talking with them with how well their cattle are treated before they are....well, you know. I appreciate hearing a different side of this industry than what I am used to hearing - humane ways of raising animals for food. 

Hensleigh Healthy Beef in Historic Old Folsom. A local ranch providing humanely raised, high quality beef which is free of growth hormones and antibiotics. They are nice people too!

J&J Ramos Farms

It was fun to see so the food trucks, and the many craft and non-food vendors there. One had a bubble machine - if you've been following my posts, you probably know that I love bubbles and watching children play with them.

Bubbles at the market

A balloon artist was there as well. Watching her with her customers reminded me of my own children when they were much younger. I was tempted to buy one for my son, but now that he is 10, I realized that would have laughed at the childishness of my gift. I guess I just have to wait until he has kids of his own (in the far future!). 

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