ANW versus DW

My grumpy son, who is only grumpy during the day, but a darling in the evening when it is time for bed (perhaps this is the reason he is a darling - ha!) likes to hang out with me. His favorite spot is behind me on the back of the couch, where most people can imagine cats hang out, not 7 year old little boys. He likes to watch me type and work on my computer. He even hugs me sometimes, which is nice. Again, I think it is because he is avoiding bedtime.

In any case, I like to think of it as our bonding time. He talks to me the most when he is just chilling there on the back of the couch. He asks me things like if we had an invisible floor, would you still see a shadow (that's a really good question...we should research that), tells me that black holes are black because they suck up light (must've gotten that from his sister), and that it would be cool if we went to Florida.

I ask him why it would be cool to go to Florida and he says that's where the finals are for American Ninja Warrior (that's our guilty pleasure - don't judge me!). I mention that Florida is also where Disney World is. I ask him, "Would you rather go to the American Ninja Warrior or Disney World?" He answers, "It depends. If I was really good, I would rather go to the American Ninja Warrior. If I was really bad, I would rather go to Disney World."