Taming Shame

I was invited to a talk titled "Taming Shame: An Important Life Skill for the Modern Family" held by

Banana Moments


Joanna Jullien

 on April 9. Her non-profit Christian based foundation is focused on strengthening the parent-child bond and helping parents raise healthy children in our cyber-powered world.

Many children spend twice as much time on the internet as they did 15 years ago. The messages they hear may or may not be true and they are not able to discern what is good information (

The Telegraph

). Many of them are negatively affected by the information and interactions they get online. Indeed, studies have shown that the use of the Internet is changing the way their brains work (


). Knowing this, I have made the choice to limit my children's exposure to the internet, but sometimes I feel like it's not enough.

The speakers included

Dr. Jessica Rodriguez, CEO of Gateway Corp


Kim Fredrickson, MFT

, and

Lisa Berry, founder of B.R.A.V.E Society

. Their respective groups focus on taming the shame that all of us have within ourselves, self compassion, and building resiliency in our children.

I wish I could share a video of the symposium with you. It was heartbreaking, inspirational, and frustrating at the same time. The speakers also gave me hope because understanding shame is one step towards easing it in the ones that we love, even ourselves.