What age chores?

When I became a parent, I knew in the back of my mind that I should be giving my children chores. My children are 5 years apart, and while I knew this piece of wisdom, it didn't occur to me to institute it until my youngest was old enough to participate, and even then I was late. I should have given my children (even my itty bitty 2 year old!) a little more faith in their abilities. I was given a list at a Parent Enrichment program at my children's school a couple of years back and I found a similar one from Modestmom.com
I hope you find it useful!
Age Appropriate Chores for Children
Adapted from ModestMom.com


2-3 years old
Wipe down front of over, fridge, or doors with wet wash cloth
Throw away diapers in trash can
Pick up toys
Help set table
 4-5 Years Old
All previous chores
Straighten out bookshelf
Put away clean silverware
Fold Towels
Sweep kitchen floor with small broom
6-7 Years Old
All previous chores
Light cleaning of bathroom (wipe down sink, toilet, mirror, and sweep floor)
Fold laundry
Unload dishwasher
Wash light loads of dishes
8-9 Years Old
All previous chores
Wash Dishes
Help with meal prep
Bring trash to curb on trash day
Take care of pets
Empty trash in house
Weed in garden
Organize toy cabinets
10-12 Years Old
All previous chores
Mow the lawn
Wash basic laundry
Make easy meals
Mop floors
Clean kitchen
Clean out car
13+ Years Old
All previous chores
Clean tub/shower
Make dinner alone


Iron clothes