Let's talk cameras...


I was asked recently about the type of camera I use by a mom who wanted to take photos of her baby for Instagram.I told her, with the caveat that I use my camera for my living, so she most likely would not want to purchase the particular one that I have.

With the plethora of cameras out in the market however, I figured I would share how I chose my camera over the others when I first started out.

I have a Nikon d750, and I love love love it. It is the first professional camera I've had and it does exactly what I need it to do. It is a full frame camera that gives me images with Low grain at high ISOs. Did I mention that I LOVE it?

That said, my previous camera was a Nikon d5200 and prior to that, a Sony Alpha a200. Both were excellent cameras; the Sony was the camera that my husband chose when my son was born. Now something you ought to know about my husband is that he researches before buying anything electronic and that will cost more than $100. I am not sure why he chose Sony over Nikon (or Canon for that matter) but I DO know that he chose it because it was well priced for the features and quality. Although not professional, it was a very good camera. Below is one of the first pictures that I took with it. You can tell the difference in the way the background is much softer than where the focus point is. 


I switched brands because of the reputation of Nikon and the variety of cameras they had that were in my budget at the time. While not professional, I was impressed by its HDR capabilities and the number of photos it can take in one burst. It came with a decent zoom lens which was great because it gave me the ability to take wide shots and close ups without changing lenses. The image quality was better than what I had in my Sony and I wanted a little better than what the d3200 offered. The tilt preview screen was very handy too...it didn't only tilt, I could move it sideways, which proved to be very handy. 

I have to be completely honest though. 

What pushed me into looking at and finally purchasing the d5200 instead of looking closer at Canon was the red body option. 

Silly reason, I know. 

But I figured, in the sea of black cameras, it would be cool to stand out because I had a red one.

So, what pushed me to upgrade? That's another story...