Preserving all the Moments

 Brother and sister playing Connect Four

There are so many moments that may seem insignificant during the course of a day. Your morning alarm, the dog barking, changing the baby's diaper, making breakfast for your children, driving them to school, making dinner. It all blurs after a while.

Family Documentary Photography is a style of photography that records all of this - the good, the bad, the seemingly boring. While your family life may not seem all that interesting or even photo-worthy, here are some things to consider:

  • When you think of your family's everyday life, how would it feel to have photos of one of those days with everyone included (meaning, not one person is hiding behind the camera)?
  • How would it feel to have those photos to look at when your kids are grown? When you have grandchildren?
  • Are you often torn between being in the moment and capturing the moment?
  • Are you the primary photo taker and wish that sometimes you can be in the photos too?
  • How valuable is it to you to be able to share stories and memories with your children and grandchildren through photos?
  • Do you notice that the older your children get, the less photos you have?
 Dad playing with son at the dinner table

Preserving all the Moments

Imagine for a minute

10 years from now now have a 5th grader, a high schooler, and one about to start college. You remember the little things - the stuffed bear that your daughter carried around, the boots that your son loved to wear even in the summertime, your baby's favorite spoon, the way your husband bathed them and helped you tuck them in bed.

Now imagine 30 years from now.

You have grandchildren and they like to hear stories of how their mom used to play tea with her stuffed bear. You show them an old spoon that their uncle used to cat with. They ask, "Where are you, Gramma?" Now you realize that those little everyday moments were actually THE MOMENTS that make your family and everyone in it, special. You remember all of it, and part of you wishes there were at least a few photos of you, if only to prove that you were part of your family story too.

My passion is capturing everyday moments like that, for families like yours. In contrast to the view that real life is boring,

your family life is full of beautiful moments

that you will appreciate having a record of, years after those moments have passed. The best part is, you will be in the images. Your children will love remembering all of the moments that you shared with them, instead of always being behind the camera.

 Grandmother making granddaughter giggle at dinner table