Photo Tips | 365 Photo Ideas


So it's the beginning of March. St. Patrick's Day is a few days away, Spring Break will be here in about a month, and summer is right around the corner. Your 365 Project is going great, right? Craft projects, check. Playground pics, check. Cute mom and me selfie, check. You've been posting religiously on Facebook and Instagram and it's fun, but you start to notice that all of your 365 photos are starting to look the same. If you had thoughts of printing out a cute Chatbook of your year, then you may want to mix things up a little. 

Some Ideas

~ A silhouette of your kids against the back patio door, playing

  • take a few and post the best one
  • This shot is particularly effective when they are positioned against a window that is getting lots of indirect light. Focus on your kids but set your camera exposure for the background so your kids are in shadow. 

~ Sleeping

  • These may be the easiest photos of your kids that you'll ever take! Shoot from above, from the side, through the crib rails, on your chest (a great use for your camera phone). In the midst of your daily chaos, it's easy to forget to picture the quiet moments.

Their favorite pair of shoes

  • How are their feet so little and why don't they stay that way?! Their little shoes tell so much of your child's day - the mud on the soles and the scraped toes. What stories do your child's shoes tell you?

Details of their artwork and their process

  • paint-covered fingers, chalk on their cheeks, their brushes in water, for example

~ Their hair when they get up in the morning and/or after their nap

  • Mom confession: I used to never brush my daughter's hair after her nap. I didn't see the point. Would random strangers judge my parenting skills because my baby's hair wasn't perfectly groomed? I thought not.

~ Their favorite toys

  • Or "toy" as in singular. The one toy that they won't go to bed without and the one that you have duplicates of, in case you leave it at grandma's house.

~ Their reflections in the mirror or window

  • When we moved into an apartment, my daughter was one. She noticed herself for the first time in the full length mirror and she decided that she was a fun person to play with.