An Unpaused Life

"I'd rather be skiing"

A friend said this to me today.

We were chatting about how some families have portraits taken every year, while some stop having portraits done after their kids pass a certain age. She has never taken her family in for portraits, and this was her reason.

"I would rather be skiing."

In the whole grand scheme of family life, if given the choice between scheduling a photo session versus scheduling a fun day sledding or skiing in the snow, a day hiking, and warming up in front of a fire, the photo session would come in dead last.

I don't blame her. 

Driving to your family cabin, crunching through the snow to the front door, feeling the cold air nip at your ears - less stressful than driving to a studio, knowing that your son is not looking forward to "saying cheese and smiling for the camera".

Relaxing in front of a warm fireplace, listening to it crackle as the snow falls outside - so nice compared to listening to the photographer telling you where to put your hands and how far to tilt your head.

I. Totally. Get. It. 

Documentary Family Photography captures your life

Having photography in your life doesn't have to mean pausing it. A documentary family photographer ensures that the sessions are integrated in your life and captures meaningful images as events unfold.

Kirsten Lewis, arguably the best and most well-known documentary family photographer in the world, spends up to 72 hours with her families, She records their days and goes on vacations with them, preserving moments that they would not be able to capture themselves.

I bring this up to underline that fact that in Documentary Family Photography, there is no posing involved, no fancy set ups that have to be readjusted to get the lighting "just right". My flashes are left at home and I bring lenses that can take photographs in very low light if necessary.

The sessions are often longer than traditional posed sessions, so you forget that I am there. At the very least, there is an understanding that I won't engage; I am just a recorder of your family life, as it unfolds, at that point in time. I don't direct any action, with the minor exception for children who have a newborn sibling (because kids need attention too). My goal is to have the most natural family interactions and images possible.


In our fast paced world, you deserve to spend time with your family. Preserve your memories with me today, and I promise not to pause your life's moments from happening.