Child Portraits | Megan

Tween Photoshoot in Rancho Cordova CA

It's hard to know just how much a new project will change you. The Who I Am Project is a tween portraits project that focuses on girls ages 9-12. It has given me a chance to visit a part of my childhood that I thought I never wanted to see again.

All the angst of Junior High! Remember that?

I don't know about you, but my pre-teen years were not fun. Hormones, cliques, and dances where no one danced with you. Why in the world would I want to revisit that?

Tween girl holding an umbrella and there are dark forbidding clouds in the sky behind her

Documenting the Good

At the beginning of this photography project I talked to many mothers. The comment that has stuck with me the most is this one: "...I wish there was something like this for me..."



With words of love and truth

This is what tween girls need the most.

Plus a good splashable puddle...

Embrace who you are

Megan is a beautiful young lady who loves the rain, chips and queso, her friends, grizzly bears, and her dog Jake. She has a real soft spot for young children; in fact, she is known for teaching them how to "properly" jump in puddles. Friends and family also describe her as silly, bubbly, and having a good sense of humor.

She hit a rough spot in her education a few years ago and it left her feeling defeated. Since then, she has found her place and gained confidence in herself:

"I love that Megan is learning about herself and embracing who she is. She has been learning to not give into peer pressure and stand up for herself and her friends."

tween girl laying on the ground and smiling at the camera

Her love for God is evident in her attitude towards life. A friend added that:

"She looks to God's word to help guide her, encourage others and is filled with the joy of the Lord."

When you first meet Megan, the first thing that you notice is her big doe eyes and pretty smile. She appears quiet and reserved. This demeanor belies her dramatic (in a good way) spirit and love of acting and theater.

It's no wonder that her mom said this about her:

"My greatest wish for Megan is that she continues to dance in the rain and jump in all the puddles." 

Dancing in the rain and puddle jumping. Sounds perfect for this loveable girl.

boots splashing water in a puddle