Photo Tips | Document the Small Things


I stare at the baskets of clean laundry to be folded and I wonder if I'm stuck in a time loop similar to Groundhog Day, that movie with Bill Murray where he keeps reliving the same day.

Doing the same thing over and over again can make even the most patient mother crazy (seriously, stepping on the same Lego piece every evening because your son needs to be reminded to clean up has got to get old).  

No worries!

These days don't last forever

Some day those Legos will wind up in a big bin to be donated or gifted to another little boy.

Wait... What?

That was quick, wasn't it?

Let's back up a're not ready for that yet, are you? That's the trade off unfortunately. Yes, no more Legos on the floor also means that the child that owned those Legos may be in high school, ready to take his drivers test or going over college brochures.

While there is no way to literally freeze time, there is a way to freeze the moments, one by one. 

Document the small things

Get on the floor with your kids while they are playing and take a picture, from ground level. Hold your camera on the ground, focus it on one of his creations (finished or not) and tap. Or focus on one Lego piece and shoot. Don't forget his little feet and those cute toes! They deserve a picture too! 

Preserve the details. Those little things? To him, they are big things, which make them that much more important. It could be the crooked tower that he built with his blocks or the well loved doggie that he can't go to sleep without. 

Give yourself permission to let go of perfection and just take the shot.

If you keep waiting for the perfect moment, it may pass and you may miss it. This is especially true if your kids don't want their photo taken. Catch them in the act, so to speak, and their "play faces" may be the best pictures you've taken all week.