Photo Tips | Kid-friendly photo sessions


5 tips for a Kid-Friendly Photo Session

It was supposed to be fun

You planned a great day for your family photo session. You’ve picked the cutest coordinating outfits, the weather is beautiful, everyone is in a good mood. You get to the location and you are the only family there. The photographer meets everyone and starts the session.

It is going great…until about 20 minutes into the session. The kids start getting antsy, the easy smiles are turning into frowns and the kids need a break.

Avoiding the Meltdown

How do you avoid a meltdown before your session is over? As a photographer, I prepare for situations like this to keep everyone happy for enough time until it is time to go home. As a mom, though (at least for me), I like to know what I can do to help keep the session light and fun.

Before the Session:

  • Let them choose one item of clothing to wear, or let them choose the colors for the family to coordinate (within reason, of course!)
  • Practice what you may be doing at the shoot - posing with hands on the hips, practicing big smiles and little ones, with teeth, just lips, you get the idea!)

During the Session:

  • Ask the photographer if s/he will allow them to bring a favorite toy or lovey. This would be a wonderful way to personalize your photos. I encourage this for my clients, especially if they have little ones ages 1-3 who get anxious when meeting new people
  • Smile and act like you are having fun. Your children will see you enjoying yourself and will want to join in.
  • Pack some photo friendly snacks! There are a lot of snacks out there that are great for travel, but most of them include things that you may not want in your photos – imagine smeared peanut butter on that perfectly white shirt – ugh.