Child Styled Photoshoot | Miller Family

A superhero Styled photo session at Folsom CA


A couple years ago, I had the idea to promote the idea that even the smallest child can be a hero, which spawned my superhero photo shoots.

I keep reading stories about kids who have done amazing, heroic things like the girl who helped her mom deliver a baby or the little boy who saved his trapped sister, and I wanted to find a way to honor these heroes and to showcase that age doesn’t matter—anyone can be a superhero.

When I originally came up with the idea, I was sadly lacking in my Photoshop skills, but since then, I have learned so much! I’ve become pretty good at compositing photos and filters. A few months ago, I looked back at one of those early sessions and had a blast playing around with the backgrounds and filters—and I was so excited about it that it rekindled my excitement over the whole idea of superhero portraits for kids.


My favorite image of these portraits is of a little boy named Jasper—he’s the one in the boots. He’s the greatest kid ever—but don’t tell my kids that; they might get jealous!

I love these sessions (even more than documentary sessions) because I can create child portraits in all kinds of settings and genres. This one in particular tugs at my heart because I haven’t heard of a kid yet who doesn’t want to be recognized as a superhero.


Claire Toney is a Sacramento CA photographer living in Rancho Cordova with her 2 children, 2 kids and superhero husband.

She may be reached at (916) 769-5482 or