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Day out with the Family in the Bay Area

My family and I traveled to San Mateo, CA for the Maker Faire  on May 20. The weather was balmy, perfect weather for a day out with the family. After we found FREE parking (!) we walked 10 minutes to the San Mateo Event Center.

I learned about this event from my friend, Monica, who goes every year with her family. Her oldest son was in the same class as my daughter before they graduated last year. The last I heard, he was making a go cart (or was it a motorcycle), complete with a Honda Engine (or something crazy like that!). Yes, I am impressed…

The State Fair with Gadgets

When I heard about this event from her, it sounded like a great event to go with my family. My son is getting really interested in computer programming, like his daddy. When we got there, it reminded me of the Sacramento State Fair, but instead of having 4-H animal projects, it had exhibits like how to grow kelp, creating engines using a 3-D Printer, and a smoke shooting cannon. We saw fire sculptures, a machine that created different shaped bubbles, a cardboard robot, and so many other things related to how technology is transforming our world.

Our 2 favorite areas were the Bazaar and the Dark Room. My children were enthralled with the many things for sale. For instance, my daughter ogled at jewelry made with and out of authentic vintage keys. I asked the designer where he found all of the keys and he said that they are more common than you think. He said that he gets a good enough collection that he is able to pick and choose the ones that he thinks would look nice as jewelry. My son enjoyed looking at the artwork of birds painted on thick wood. He was amazed at how realistic they looked.

A Dance Party??

The Dark Room was the area where we spent most of our time. While we were in there, I mused on how it looked like a daytime dance party with children playing with light sticks. The photos below were taken there. As you can probably imagine, my other photos paled in comparison!


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