Things to do in Northern CA | Summer 2017


What are you doing this summer? I think this post is pretty self explanatory. I am so excited for break to begin that I've been dreaming about all of the summer daytrips my family and I will be taking. This is my wish list. If you go to any of these places, or plan to, please add a comment. I'd love to hear some of what you will be doing!  

  • San Francisco It may be easier to list reasons NOT to visit this city…Even if you’ve already seen the Golden Gate Bridge, ridden on a cable car, admired the Painted Ladies, or strolled around the Fisherman’s Wharf, are these ever good reasons not to visit? I love that the weather here can be foggy then sunny, cool and warm on any given day. My brother lives here, so we try to go here at least once a year. We like to stop by Japan Town for the culinary treats and their itty bitty incredibly detailed toys in their gift shops.
  • Muir Beach If you have to ask why, you haven’t seen the pictures. We’ve been to Muir Woods and didn’t have the chance to stop here, so this summer, we’re going to make a special trip there.
  • Sand Harbor My friend mentioned this beach to me last year for a photoshoot. I’ve never been this far north in Nevada, but looking at the pictures is more than enough incentive. I’m hoping to get some really good beach pictures out of our daytrip here…I better think of really good bribes for my kids (LOL)
  • Berry Picking in Apple Hill My husband was aghast when I told him I was going to take my kids here for a “berry picking daytrip”. He thinks it’s child labor – ha! I’m glad that my kids still consider it fun. There are not many things better to eat than fresh blackberry off the vine.
  • Yosemite Believe it or not, this will be our first family trip together to Yosemite. My daughter went here for a class overnight trip. She loved it so much that she didn’t want to come home (cry). I’m excited to experience it this year, especially since we will get in for free through the Every Kid in a Park Program. Yay for 4th Grade!
  • Fort Bragg This is another trip that I have been thinking about taking for a long time. It’s on the Mendocino Coast and a few hours away from where we live. Too far for a day trip, so we will be spending a couple of nights there. Check out the link and see why it’s been on my list!
  • Fitzgerald Marine Reserve I visited their tide pools when my son was in first grade. I can’t lie, it was colder than I thought it would be, especially for the summer. Go during the low tides (info in the link) to get the most out of your visit. There are so many cool things that you won’t be able to see if the water is too high.
  • Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point State Park This is my favorite Lake Tahoe Park. Imagine a beach at the bottom of a grassy hill. At the top of that hill is a mansion that overlooks the water. From the beach, you can see the pier and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Gorgeous. Another plus is it is up the coast from DL Bliss, another beautiful beach.
  • Folsom Lake This is a no-brainer, especially now that the water is higher than it was last year. It actually looks like a lake again. It gets busy during the weekends, but it’s a big lake, so I am sure we’ll find a day and time where we can stretch out our blankets, relax, and enjoy a lazy summer day.

So now, go out there and make those memories! For tips on taking photos of your favorite people while you enjoy the summer, check out my tips on taking great outdoor photos. 


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