Family Documentary | Brown Family

Family Documentary session in Folsom CA

On June 11th, I met up with the Brown family—Teresa and Chris with their girls: Maddie and Annie—in Folsom, California, for a Documentary Family Session.

We started out the day at the Folsom Karate Academy, where Maddie was giving a student a lesson, and Annie was there to assist. I love getting to document people of every age doing something they love and are good at—there is nothing more amazing than that sense of individual pride and accomplishment. And of course, it’s just as fun to watch siblings supporting each other. The rapport between these two grown sisters was wonderful to witness.


After the karate lesson, I headed to the Brown family home, where Teresa showed me around their garden. They had several chickens and vegetable plants for me to see, and Teresa was also sure to point out the rose bush that Chris planted for her when they moved into their house. Her bouquet was made of roses when they got married.

I also enjoyed photographing the two girls together at their family home, especially when Maddie started to paint a henna pattern on the back of her sister’s hands. It was easy to see how close they were and how much they enjoyed being in each other’s company. As a photographer, it was a pleasure to see them interact and to capture that pure joy on Maddie’s face as she painted her sister’s hands.


Inside the house, Annie had a chalkboard where she had written down things that she wanted to try to cook or bake that summer. One of the items on the list was a Cherry/Raspberry Buckle, and she decided that, while I was there documenting the day, she was going to try to make that.

Making the cake was an adventure from start to finish. Annie didn’t bake the cake long enough, so it had to go back into the oven. Then, they decided they wanted ice cream with their cake, so they went to the store—only to realize that they didn’t have any money with them. They came back home, grabbed some money, and headed back out again to get back just in time to take the cake out of the oven. We ended the day with that cake, which we cut into pieces and topped with ice cream. I even got to try a piece. It was a yummy finale to a day with a wonderful family.

Teresa & Chris, thank you for inviting me into your home and into your lives so that I could capture these precious memories for you.