Midtown Sacramento Farmer's Market

Farmers Market at Cesar Chavez Midtown Sac CA

The Midtown Sacramento Farmer's Market  is open from May through October on Wednesdays from 10:00 - 1:30 at Cesar Chavez Plaza. I went there this morning with my daughter. 

As expected, parking was not easy, especially since we ventured out just before noon. This market is perfectly situated near the Capitol Building, which means that parking is heavily regulated and most areas are metered. We found a spot just a couple of streets down from the plaza, right in front of HI Sacramento Hostel (which is GORGEOUS by the way). I was sorely tempted to forget the market and take a tour. Another day perhaps...

Like many businesses in midtown, this farmer's market is frequented by state workers who work nearby. A quick glance gives you an idea of the demographics in our area - professionals in their suits and high heels, college students with their bikes, SAHM with their children, and the wanderers who call the plaza and surrounding areas their home. 

A bustling produce stand at midtown farmers market

Despite the heat, it was full of people shopping for fresh vegetables and fruit, flowers, and other goods. When we walked halfway around the plaza, the smell of barbecue filled the air; had we not already eaten lunch, the hot food court would have been the first place we would have gone. There was so much delicious food to drool over, including tacos (very popular), fresh bread, Chinese food, BBQ, Tamales, Indian Curry, and a fresh juice bar. If it wasn't so darn hot, I probably would have given in and bought another lunch. The only thing my daughter noticed was missing was a pastry seller (I secretly think that's the main reason she joined me - both of my kids are pastry junkies). 

Summer Flowers at the Farmers Market Midtown Sacramento

We made it out of there without purchasing too much. I found an organic farmer who was selling corn (!) so I bought a few ears for dinner. And I bought more cherries (of course). As we were heading back to our car, I remembered that the Dim Sum House is nearby. I mentioned it to my daughter who immediately said "Let's get some!" So I guess we had a second lunch after all!

Vendors at the Midtown Farmers Market in Sac CA

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