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Child Documentary Session in Orangevale CA

Charli's mom answered my call for Nature Loving Child Models. We met in Orangevale, CA where Charli's grandparents own a beautiful piece of land. Here, they grow sunflowers, strawberries, garlic, carrots, and so many other things I can't remember. I discovered quickly that Charli loves nature and gardening. She knows the names of most of the vegetables and fruits that her grandparents grow. She is also a quick learner when it comes to flowers and was quick to share the different types that grew all over the place. 

Little girl eating a bunch of peas

Charli was so happy to show me around. The first thing she introduced me to were the baby chickens. They are no longer chicks but they were still cute! Then she brought me to "her flowers", a group of sunflowers that grow on a plot behind the henhouse. How adorable that she had to look up at the tallest one! She also showed me some "Bachelor Buttons", little tiny flowers that seemed to be everywhere.

Little girl looking at her sunflowers

She surprised me by pulling a head of garlic from a bunch hanging from a tree. After she cleaned it, she handed it to me. I felt like such a city girl; I marveled that so many things that I usually bought from the grocery store grew on the ground where we were standing. 

Little girl gathering something off a big tree

She then picked some fresh strawberries and offered one to me. They are so much sweeter right off the vine. Finally we came to the carrot plot. She pulled a few out, one right after another. It amazed me so much that I forgot to ask her how she knew when they were ready to pick. 

Little girl showing off carrots she just pulled out of the ground

Charli walked over to the pond and used the hose to rinse off her carrots. While she did that, I gazed at the mirror-like surface and admired the view. I walked to the far side and she followed me, where she climbed the trees. It was fun to chat with her while she played in the natural jungle gym. 

We had just enough time to play with the bubbles that I brought for her. It was fun to watch her spin and try to blow the biggest bubbles that she could. The sun went down as we finished our session. 

Little girl blowing bubbles on a backyard farm during sunset

Thank you Jolene for answering my model call! What a joy it was to have a child portrait session with your nature loving girl <3

Little girl squatting on a dock by a manmade lake in Orangevale CA

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