Folsom Farmer's Market

The Clock tower at the Folsom Farmers Market

This market is situated in Historic Folsom, near the Folsom Powerhouse and the Folsom Railroad Museum. It is open from 8-1 pm on Saturdays and it really has the feel of an "Open Air Market". I love this market because of its location. Historic old towns with quaint shops, restaurants, and a free parking garage - what more can you wish for? 

view from the garage Folsom Farmers Market

This morning, Davey London was performing at the top of the market near the lightrail station. A bench was placed close by so that shoppers could relax and listen to him sing.


Common Kettle, owned by a local family, sells here and today they had blackberries and eggs. The beautiful and cool morning brought out families with their children, many of whom enjoyed the colorful baskets, bags, and tie-dye goods that were being sold.

I walked the length of the market to see what I wanted to buy. I found a few cherry sellers, but I opted to wait until I was done taking photos for this post so that I could pick my own. Peaches are now in season and bought a few of those as well. 

blackberries and raspberries

The vendors are not grouped together, so I'm glad that I walked to the opposite side where a few craft vendors set up shop. This is the first market that I noticed a Tea Seller - she sold hot and iced tea. I think she may have sold coffee too, but I was focused on the pastries. I treated myself to a almond cannoli.

Squash at the Folsom Farmers Market

Did I mention that my husband is in Monterey this weekend with the kids? It's been a while since I didn't have to hurry through the market and buy $20 worth of food that I shouldn't buy just so I could have a halfway relaxing morning. Being able to buy ONE cannoli and strolling with my camera was pretty nice. 

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