Personal Documentary | Lake Natoma


My kids and I went kayaking on Lake Natoma yesterday. We rented out boats from the CSU Aquatic Center at Nimbus Flat. I think we found a new summer activity...

This is beautiful Lake Natoma. It is just a little over a mile from where we live. I've been here many times, but never on the water. This summer, we decided to change that! The furthest were were allowed to travel was the Folsom Powerhouse. I considered convincing the kids to paddle this far out but this was ambitious - it's about 6 miles from where we started. We managed to travel just south of the Willow Creek Recreation Area. There is a small island there that I've often wondered how to get to. Now I know. 


This young lady paddled faster than her brother and me together. She challenged us to see how fast we could go. Ha! I said no. It's good to be mom LOL

My son was a powerhouse paddler. I had to keep telling him to SLOW DOWN! I couldn't keep up with his rhythm. Since I was in the back, I was in charge of steering. That also meant that I could take as many pictures as I wanted. 

I call the shot below "Geese Crossing" Those Canadian Geese are pretty fearless; look how close they got to our boat! They nonchalantly floated in front of us, like they owned the place...which I guess they do.


Thanks for following along on our first ever family water outing! So glad that I was able to check this off the summer activity list. I'm hoping that the next time we come out, my husband will be able to join us. Maybe then, we'll make it out to Old Folsom ;)

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