Rancho Cordova Farmer's Market

The Rancho Cordova Farmer's Market, aka Certified Farmer’s Market Sunrise Station, is right by the Lightrail at Sunrise and Folsom Blvd. It is open year round every Saturday from 8-12. It is one of the smaller local markets but it has grown steadily since it moved to this location several years ago in 2010.


Every weekend that I have gone, there is live music and a balloon artist. Parking is plentiful (as you can imagine, since it is located on the lightrail station parking lot). It's in a great area, surrounded by local businesses and even Costco down the street if you want to pick up hot dogs for lunch with your family.

Aside from the usual flowers, vegetables, and fruit, you will find eggs, flavored pistachios, cheese, and olive oil. I noticed a few customers talking with the farmers and inadvertently eavesdropped onto their conversation. This is one of the reasons I enjoy these markets so much - you know where your food is coming from and can actually meet the growers and ask them about what they are selling. 

This sign. Need I say more? I think it is safe to say that a similar message can be used in many other situations (LOL).


There are vendors from all over the state, as you can see this one from San Diego, CA. Regardless of where they are from, some are so friendly that it's hard not to buy something from them. 


Of course, the colors. The rainbow chard below is one of the many vibrant vegetables that I saw at this market. Too bad I don't know how to cook this...


The Sacramento Baking Company is a frequent vendor there. It was absent this particular morning, but to be fair, I didn't arrive until an hour before the market was set to close. They may have run out of bread! I mention them because they are a local bread company that sells a wonderful variety of bread around town.

I should mention that the only thing this market is missing is a pastry vendor. The morning I took these photos, I had to go to another nearby farmer's market to buy some pastries (the only thing my kids consistently ask for LOL). Other than this, this is a great little market that is easy to navigate and where you can enjoy your Saturday mornings with the family.

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