Capitol Mall Farmer's Market


It's easy to see why Sacramento is the Farm to Fork Capital. When I moved to this area with my husband in 2000, I had no idea just how agriculturally rich it was. I have friends who raise chickens and know families that have acres of land. Some of these families sell eggs, blackberries, and other produce at the markets that I visit. My neighbor across the street invites the rest of us to pick the cherries off his trees, and my own house came with 2 lemon trees, an orange tree, and a grapefruit tree. 


My blog series this summer covers the Farmer's Markets in the area. The more I check out, the more I realize that this series may spill over past the summer. I am truly excited to see how this series develops. I am also excited to visit these markets throughout the year. It never occurred to me to buy fresh produce in the winter. There are several with a limited season though, so I have to be more intentional on which ones I visit first, like the Capitol Mall Farmer's Market.


The Capitol Mall Farmers Market is held on Thursdays, from 10 - 1:30 pm and is one of the biggest Farmer's Markets in our area. Like the Cesar Chavez market, it has a view of the Capitol Building. Both sides of the green corridor in between 5th and 6th Streets are full of food, flower, and produce vendors. It was bustling with people the morning I went; no doubt some were out to enjoy the gorgeous weather before the temperatures soar to 3 digits again. 


To be honest, my jaw dropped when I saw this market. It just seemed so...BIG! From the corner of 5th and Capitol Mall, I saw the big sky, the long parkway, the Capitol Building at the end. When you turn around, you see the Tower Bridge. On both sides of the market, you see tall glass buildings with names like Bank of the West, CBRE, Bank of America and various law offices. Plus, there was a light police presence, presumably because of its location. It was in the middle of downtown, after all, and there is traffic on all sides of the market. These contrasts did not take away from the small time vibe of the market itself, though. 


I spent about an hour here (tempted again by the hot gyros and fresh Indian curry, Chinese, and Mexican food). By the end, I had several bags full of peaches, plums, a tomato (I only needed one LOL), pastries, and blackberries. No cherries this morning - I ran out of money!


Now is the time to tell you - I am hopeless with direction. I parked a couple of streets away in a parking garage and I didn't know which way to go after my shopping was done. I must have spent 5 minutes trying to figure out which way to turn on 5th Street, and another 5 minutes going back the way I came because I inevitably went the wrong way. Such is life. 

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