Fremont Park Farmer's Market


Tuesdays from May through October, you can visit the Fremont Park Market, which is a short drive from the International World Peace Rose Garden at the Sacramento Capitol. It is open from 10 - 1:30. This market is one of the small ones in the area, with around 20 sellers spread around half the park. 

The neighborhood park has a play structure where children can play. It also has a picnic area and restrooms. 

It's nice to see some new things at the market, such as bok choy and dinosaur kale (I had no idea there was such a thing!). 


Sola Bee, a local honey seller, was there. She also sells at the other Mid and Downtown Sacramento Markets. Her Wine Country Wild Flower honey was lovely - not too sweet with a slight aftertaste that was reminiscent of a fine wine. 


I'm glad that peaches and plums are available; they become my family's favorite fruit when cherries are no longer in season (which isn't long enough if you ask me). Strawberries are also still being sold , as are the colorful vegetables like carrots, corn, and onions. Rosa's Bakery was there too...we were very tempted to indulge our love of pastries, but we didn't give in.

One of the farmers was selling yellow watermelons which my son was very interested in trying. I told him we would have to return next week because I could not carry it, to which he replied "I'll carry it!" I wish I remembered the nice woman who sold it to us so I could share the name of her farm. After we cut the watermelon open, I'll edit this post and give a taste report.


The Fremont Park Market is the perfect place to go after a long and busy weekend. It has just enough farmers and vendors to replenish your supply of fresh summer flowers, vegetables, and fruit. 


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