Auburn Farmer's Market

Auburn is another small city that I am enamored with. It's less than an hour drive away from where I live. I found it looking for a good breakfast place (Awful Annie's) and fell in love with its cozy small town feel. They have a lot of cute antique shops, art galleries, and clothing stores. They also have some places of interest relating to California's colorful history.

The Farmer's Market here is held in Auburn's Old Town Courthouse Parking Lot. The location is very pretty, next to a trail and creek. 

It's a big market, and as you can imagine, lots of space to spread out and walk around. 


It's open on Saturdays, Year Round from 8:00 - 12 noon. The morning I went, it was full of people; come to think of it, every time I've gone there, it's bustling with shoppers carrying at least one shopping bag. I saw several people pulling along wagons, filled with produce, flowers, and other things found for sale.


It was a friendly crowd and I saw many vendors chatting with their customers. There was also a small food court - one vendor was selling pasties, a delicious meat hand pie, popular with miners from Cornwall, England. I mention this because pasties are associated with Cornish miners, many of which mined at the Empire Mine at Nevada City, which is a short distance away. Pasties are also very tasty and I was tempted to buy a few...for the road, of course!


It is a good sized market, with a good variety of food, flowers, handmade goods, and fresh produce. It was fun to see new vegetables for sale - I saw purple basil, artichokes, and peppers this time around. I love the colors that all of the new produce bring to the markets. I loved that many of the vendors were organic farmers. 


Hans Anderson was performing there as well...not to be confused with the Hans Christian Anderson, the famous writer... 


I always enjoy visiting this town. My only wish is that it wasn't so's hard to justify going to this market with Folsom so close by. However, with the cooler weather coming, I'll be sure to visit - their Fall Season here is beautiful!


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