Around Our Clocks - July 2017

I've joined a blog circle with a group of wonderful Documentary Photographers. Every month, we share photos we've taken during a specified time. July's hour was 6:00 PM! My kids and I visited Nevada City for their Summer Celebration, as described in this post. There were so many things to see! We were dropped off by the Church, and as you can see, it was already filling up with people wanting a good time. 


The glass artist below was fascinating to watch. It was hard to pull ourselves away...


This alley way was on the way to the food court, which is behind us in this picture. It was also the area where we watched the evening's show. I love how the setting sun elongated  my children's shadows. 



The other day, I went scouting for an upcoming photoshoot. As you may have guessed, it will take place before sunset. One of the locations was Land Park in midtown Sacramento. I went to the WPA Rock Garden and immediately decided this is where the shoot will be. I took the photos below with my Lensbaby Composer and Macro Converters. I love this combination because they give me soft images, perfect for the subject matter. 


Follow our circle and visit Meghan Nesom Photography and how she spent her 6:00 afternoon hour in July!


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