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A Child sunset photo session in Folsom

I had a child portrait session Folsom Point in Northern California with Fenn. He had a busy summer! He went on several camping trips with his parents and spent a lot of time in the water. Needless to say, he thoroughly enjoyed his school break. I met him with his parents at golden hour. I love that the pictures reflect the ending of a wonderful summer spent outside, enjoying nature, carefree and without a care in the world. It's so much fun to see what children will do when I tell them to just play!

I'm so appreciative of all of my child portrait models and their parents. Without them, these shoots could not happen. As I grow as a photographer and artist, it's fun to meet all of the children that grace my images and help me see what is possible with my camera. 

Contact me for a Free-Spirited Child Session

If you have a child who would like to be one of my Free-Spirited Child Models, send me a message! I accept applications all year. I have these creative sessions throughout the year and the sessions are based on the season. I look for children who love playing in nature and aren't camera shy. Better yet, give me a call at 916-769-5482

Little boy running on a beach during sunset holding a blue scarf behind him
Little boy holding driftwood on his head
Little boy looking out over Folsom Lake during sunset holding driftwood
Little boy creating a driftwood teepee on the beach during golden hour at Folsom Lake

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