Magic Hour Session | Lauren


A Magic Hour Photoshoot in Sacramento CA

I had a session last weekend with Lauren and her husband in Sacramento. We connected through Magic Hour, an organization that provides free photo sessions to those in need. She was rediagnosed last year with breast cancer, Stage 4 , after many years of remission. She had her surgery recently and has accepted the fact that she will be in treatment for the rest of her life. She embraces her struggle with dignity and wants to share her story with others.  She and Wayne met at a nearby Trader Joe's. They told me that when they saw each other, their eyes locked, and the rest is history. 

Lauren requested that I take some photos of her scars, as a statement that they are nothing to be ashamed of. Indeed, it is proof that she continues to fight the battle, no matter where it takes her and how long it will be. 

WARNING: I included a photo of her scars at the very end. We found a private area and took a few quick shots. She feels strongly about sharing the photos. When she heals, she plans on having a tattoo over the scars - "creating beauty out of something ugly".


Thank you Lauren for sharing your story and your time with me. I hope everyone who sees these photos sees the strong, beautiful, and brave woman that you are. 

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