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Child Lifestyle Portraits in Newcastle CA

This past fall in Newcastle CA, I had a child portrait session with 5 young cousins. The session included a photograph of the extended family, but after the posed portraits were taken care of, the 5 children and I went all over the property for "their photoshoot".

Newcastle is such a gorgeous area; the hosting family has a creek running through their property, lots of trees, and a sloping yard. It was no wonder that the family chose this location. There are so many places for children to play and it was fun to discover places where I could observe and photograph them.

Their personalities were so fun to capture! Children often have ideas on poses and this photo session was no different. The "grumpy face" one on the tree branch is one of my favorites. The less I pose children, the less antsy they become, especially if silly and goofy are in their nature. 

Despite it being late in the day, the children still had lots of energy. They could hardly contain themselves - I am not sure if it was because they were on camera or if they were excited to be together.  I appreciated how cooperative they were towards me and with each other. They took turns on the ladder swing, even helping the little ones climb on. I brought a bubble wand for them to play with; when they thought it was running out, they offered to conserve the remaining liquid so everyone had a chance to be "the bubble blower". They had fun with my scarves, with the older ones holding it for the younger ones to run under. Near the end of our session, they decided to play leap-frog. I am certain that all of them slept well that night because of all of their activities! 

five children holding hands and skipping on grass
Red haired boy blowing bubble and children surrounding him trying to catch bubbles during a child photo shoot
A girl leap-frogging over her brother on a lawn. 
A little boy hanging onto a ladder swing. 
Girl waving a bubble wand with a golden sky behind  her

Claire Toney is located in Rancho Cordova, near Sacramento CA. She is a child portrait and documentary family photographer. When she is not photographing, you may find her homeschooling her son, chauffeuring her daughter all over town, or playing with her dogs. Book a session by sending her an email at or calling her at (916) 769-5482