Styled Child Photography | Paige & Grayson

Styled Child Photoshoot in Orangevale CA

Last year, I took vintage styled photos of Paige and Grayson for their child portraits. I've taken photos of them since this shoot and I have no idea how I could have forgotten to blog about it. The images I captured from this session are still some of my favorite photographs.

Paige is quite the character. She was 3 at the time of this session and this added to her flair. She absolutely loved my props, especially my old-fashioned corded phone. 

We met at Orangevale Park CA. I like the trails there, as well as the small bridge that goes over the (dried up) creek. This park also has a big soccer field, a playground, and a fenced-in area for horses; in fact, we saw a couple of people riding horses during our shoot. 

Their mom always has the best outfits for them. Grayson wore a hat with a matching suit and Paige wore the cutest little dress with pearls. As with all of my child photography sessions, I didn't pose them as much as I gave them suggestions.

Honestly though, the phone did all of the work for me. Being children of the 21st Century, they have never seen a corded phone before. Once I explained what it was, Paige knew what to do. 

We went to the bridge for a few shots before we lost too much light. Grayson presented his personality more here - quiet and reflective, as well as silly. 

I am sure you will see more of these two as I have more model calls. Styled Child Photography sessions are really fun, especially if you have children who aren't shy in front of the camera. 


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Claire Toney is a Sacramento Child Photographer and Family Photojournalist. She enjoys everything about photographing children, particularly outdoor portraits, documentary sessions, and styled shoots. Please visit her Portfolio page to see more of her work.