Traditions | Ashlynn's Birthday Tea

This year marks my daughter's 16th birthday. It was cloudy on the way to her birthday tea, and it rained hard on the way home, just the way she likes it. She even let me take a photo of her in the rain, looking out into the street. She commented "It's like having a photo shoot!" I'm so glad that she appreciates my role as the photographer mom and she is actually enjoys being in the pictures. 

How many things did I dream of doing with her when she was born? Annual trips to Apple Hill, summer mornings at the park, winter sledding days. I'm happy that we were able to continue these yearly outings with her brother, even when she outgrew them. 

Tea time, though, is special. This is one tradition that she will never outgrow and for that, I am grateful. 

I started taking her to tea for her birthday when she was 6. We went with a few of her friends to a quaint tea shop in Carmichael CA that is no longer in business. The owner ran an antique shop in Russia before she moved to the US so the shop was filled with lots of antique items, as well as cute tea sets and wonderful loose leaf teas. God, I wish I had taken photos at that shop before it went out of business!

We took a tea hiatus until a few years ago. I've been taking her to Dash of Panache for her birthday ever since. This French-deco tea house is in downtown Roseville CA. They have a holiday tea for the Thanksgiving Holiday so it's always extra special when I take my daughter there for for her special day. 

As you look through the photos below, take note of the butterfly shaped sandwich and Cheetos. We both could not stop giggling at the fact that in this charming tea house, on her 16th birthday, she was eating Cheetos and a butterfly shaped sandwich. Yay for childhood!

Claire Toney is a Child Portrait and Family Documentary Photographer based in Rancho Cordova CA, near Sacramento. She is currently homeschooling her son, which she thought would make it easier to do more personal documentary photosessions at her home. She was wrong. Thank goodness for field trips. 

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