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A Holiday Decorating Family Documentary Session in Citrus Heights CA

I had the pleasure of visiting the Rives family a few weeks ago. We scheduled a family documentary photography session while they decorated their home for the holidays. 

little hands opening a wrapped Christmast ornament

The children welcomed me, excitedly holding what looked like parts of a wreath. It was easy to see how excited they were to start their holiday decorating. When we went into the house, I saw where the branches came from - their new Christmas tree!

Jamie and Jeremy have boxes full of holiday lights and other decorations. It was so fun to watch the children pore through the variety of things that they would be using to turn their house into a winter wonderland.

The children found kissing bears, Santa Claus match holders, ornaments from when Grayson was in daycare, and a clay mold of baby Paige’s hand.

Mom holding daughter's hand on a clay ornament

I loved hearing about the ornaments that hold sentimental value from Jaime. I have a few of those myself from when my own children were very little, and no matter how imperfect they are, I still hold onto them.

Grayson helped his father put the lights up outside of the house. It’s a big job but he was up for the task.

Boy showing off work on house lights to dad while sister is looking at stuffed bears

Paige spent some time outside entertaining one of the kissing bears & playing with a snail, while almost losing a sock in the process. These moments crack me up - how often do you get the chance to find out (and document) where your children's lost socks go? 😂

little girls holding a snail on her hand
Little girl walking and wearing one sock with her stuffed bear behind her
Little girl's sock in branches outside of home

We went back inside to finish putting the ornaments on the tree. Paige was so excited that she couldn't help but try to hang several at a time!

Little girl holding up several ornaments while her parents look at her
Mom looking at her daughter and laughing

Finally, it was time to put the star on the top and turn the lights on. I don’t know about you, but every time I see lights on a tree, it gives me pause and I can’t help buy stop and admire it. What a wonderful way to end a photography session!

Little girl admiring a lit Christmas Tree and her face is illuminated by the colored lights
Boy and girl smiling from under a lit Christmas tree

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