Gold Hope Session | Anastasia

A Gold Hope Photography Session in Lodi CA

I met Anastasia and her family through the Gold Hope Project, a charity photography organization that matches volunteer photographers with families in need. I am a proud volunteer photographer for this organization – not only do they match up photographers with families in need, they provide education to the community about pediatric cancer and raise funds for research.

Rosa, Anastasia’s mom, found me on TGHP directory. She told me that her daughter, Anastasia was diagnosed with cancer the day before Thanksgiving in 2016. She was 2 years old. Since her diagnosis, she’s gone through chemotherapy and had her tumor removed in April 2017. Her last treatment was in June. Soon after, she was given a clean bill of health.

I met her, her parents, and her 2 brothers in a park in Lodi CA this past summer. I took photos of her playing on the playground which helped break the ice. I also brought bubbles for her to play with. I loved that her twin brother was able to join in the fun! Afterwards, we went to the lake, where he mom showed me her Beads of Courage. She received beads during each step of her treatment and they symbolize how far she has come. What a blessing to see her in such good health! If I hadn’t known that she was a fighter, I would have never guessed that she spent a month in the hospital last year.

Rosa wrote, “We could not think of a better way to capture this time than in these photos. They show a survivor. A little girl who endured a lot, but can now smile and show who she really is.

Thank you, Rosa, for sharing Anastasia’s story with me.

To learn more about The Gold Hope Project, please visit their site.

Claire Toney is a Sacramento Child Photographer who believes that childhood is a sacred time in a person's life. She believes that every family deserves to have photos no matter their circumstances, even more so those that have children who are battling pediatric cancer. If you or someone you know has a child fighting this disease, you may apply at The Gold Hope Project for a complimentary photo session.