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What a month!

Below I've posted some photos from the History Live Event at the Marshall Gold Discovery Site in Coloma CA & our last meeting of the year with his teacher, Mrs. Brown. The meeting was at a new ice cream shop in Folsom called Sweet Dozen Cones. I mention it because they make donut cones, fresh when you order it. They are amazing...

The History Live event was a homeschool event where an area of the Marshall Gold Discovery site recreated a small mining town, similar to what it looked like during the Gold Rush Days. While I can't attest to its authenticity (not having been a miner myself) I appreciate the level of detail. We saw lacemakers, a saloon (minus the scantily clad dancing girls), a post office, a trading post, and a poker building (apparently gambling was legal for children back then ;) ) The most interesting part for me was seeing how miners sent letters to their loved ones. To write as much as they could with the materials they had, the docent told us that the miners would write one each side of the paper and if they ran out of room, they would turn the paper 90 degrees and continue writing. I wish I had taken a photograph of her sample. I can't find an image online that illustrates this. 

We also attended a Bel Tempo Ringers concert at the Crocker Museum.  My camera was being serviced then, so I don't have any pictures (!) It was fun to listen to holiday music performed by the handbell choir - they even had a rendition of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer so the children could sing along!

I hope you enjoy the photos! I have a few more, so follow along until the end of the year =)

Women in costume showing boy a hand dipped candle
boy looking at a hand compass
hand compass
Woman making lace at the Marshall Gold Discovery State Park
Woman smiling at boy during a demonstration at the Marshall Gold Discovery site
man about to deal cards for a card game demonstration
man playing a guitar-like instrument at the Marshall Gold Discovery Park

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