Homeschool Adventures | Sac Museum

This past winter break, I took my son to the Sacramento Discovery Museum. They have a new exhibit called Forces: Earth and Space. He is fascinated with astronomy, circuits, and physics, so it was the perfect time to visit. 

The first thing that caught his eye was the circuit board that challenged him to connect blocks so that when he turned the gears, the path that he made with the blocks would power either a light or a fan. There were several paths that he could have made (and he actually tried to connect them all together so that when he turned the gear everything would happen at once) but he was most successful at connecting the blocks for the fans. 

boy standing in front of a circuit board

We went into their Design Lab where he was challenged to create a building using blocks that could withstand an earthquake. He learned the concept that tall buildings need flexible but strong foundations in order to survive an earthquake. 


I think the plasma ball was his favorite exhibit. He spent a lot of time playing with it, moving his hands around and watching the plasma change shapes as he did so. 


I was able to pull him away long enough to check out the race cars, propelled by gas stored in a plastic bottle. After losing to me several times, he figured out that his car's plastic bottle was leaking air, thus having less thrust than mine. 


The floating balls were also entertaining. Air pushed out through small holes allowed small balls to float above them.


I think the coolest experiment was creating a cloud in a bottle. When he released the pressure he created in a plastic bottle, the air inside condensed and made a cloud! 


Since it was a holiday week, we also had the chance to visit the Planetarium. In fact, he said that this was his favorite part of the trip. 

I hope you had a wonderful winter holiday break! I'd love to hear some of the things you did with your family. Add your adventures in the comments below!

Claire Toney is a Sacramento Photographer who loves adventures with her kids and documenting them. To book a family or child documentary session, contact her using the information below.