Family Portraits | Eccles Family

Rancho Cordova CA

Early this month, I met with Spencer, Jessica, and their 3 beautiful children in Rancho Cordova CA for a family photoshoot. The day was very overcast, with rain looming in the distance. Lucky for us, it held off until after our shoot.

The place they chose was a park where they spend a lot of their time during the summer. Even on this cold day with a lot less people, it was easy to imagine how wonderful that park must be, filled with close friends and family. The park is located near their church and there is a gorgeous view of the city.

Portrait of mom and daughter sitting at a park

Geese make their home there too, and apparently are the source of some summertime amusement. At one point, I told their son to see if he could sneak up behind a couple of them. My intention was to get a photograph of him chasing them. Unfortunately, the geese had their own plans. At the last moment, just before I thought they were coming towards ME, they turned and flew behind the church.

Son piggybacking on dad in front of a tree

It was fun to see the family have fun together. Aside from chasing the geese, they were up for almost anything. Spencer and Jessica danced, their children played in their favorite tree, and their girls were perfect models.

The photo below was taken during my favorite part of the photosession and it was a great way for the kids to release some of their energy. I asked all of them to hold hands and jump – aren’t their expressions priceless? These family photos bring an instant smile to my face & I love that the parents are having just as much fun as the kids

Family of 5 jumping

Thank you Eccles family for spending an afternoon with me. I hope you enjoy the photographs and memories as much as I do.

Two sisters and their brother smiling at the camera

Claire Toney is professional child and family photographer in the Sacramento CA area. She loves taking portraits in natural light, with or without geese.