Creative Photography | Macro

Way back when I started to really get into photography, I drooled over macro photography. I love the tiny details surrounded by ethereal bokeh, photographs of objects that were almost too beautiful to exist on earth. I still have not splurged on an "official" macro lens. I could never justify the cost because I knew that I would use it solely for my creative outlet. 

Then I learned about Lensbaby

These lenses are great for experimenting with. I've found them as inexpensive as $100 to almost $500. I found a great deal on a double optic lens on and my heart sang with the creative photographs that I was able to take with it. 

I went to Old Folsom CA to see what I could capture. Focusing and composing with the lens took getting used to; it didn't have the field that I was accustomed to with my portrait lenses. I also did not have the luxury of the autofocus function, so I was forced to use my live view when I was ready to capture an image. Once I got accustomed to these limitations, though, I was able to photograph some wonderful macro photographs of the flowers that were still in bloom. 

The largest depth of field that I can get with the lens is f/2. While this is certainly not the largest aperture I've worked with, the small field of view made me look at the the world through the viewfinder in a whole new way. A row of beautiful calla lilies turned into an abstract painting filled with dreamy colors. A bright flower bed became a forest of petals where I imagined fairies lived. 

Below are some of the macro photographs I took last summer. I love that they are giving my cold winter a much needed splash of color. 

Macro photograph of a small white flower
Colorful macro photograph of small summer flowers
Macro photography of a red and yellow calla lily detailing the tip
red and yellow Calla lily macro photography 
Macro photograph of a white flower with purple anthers

Claire Toney is a natural light professional photographer located in Sacramento CA. When she is not photographing people, she enjoys finding new ways of photographing inanimate objects. To book a session, send her a message at or give her a call at (916) 769-5482.