Family Portraits | Granite Bay

I met with a lovely family on December 16, 2017 in Granite Bay CA. There is still plenty of green here in the Golden State & the weather was characteristically mild for the end of year. We were still able to take advantage of this for our photo session. 

mom smiling with boy laughing on her lap and dad looking at boy
boy walking towards water at park during sunset

They have a 3 year old son whose favorite thing to do is play sports. He loves to play soccer & baseball (and has quite the throwing arm too!) Fishing is also a fun activity for him; thankfully there is the Folsom Lake nearby, as well as other bodies of water in which to enjoy this past time.  

dad holding son in arms and the son is laughing and holding a baseball

What three year old doesn't enjoy seeing dad being silly & planking on the swings next to him?

young boy laughing with dad in the swings next to him

Three is such a fun age! I enjoyed spending time with this family and watching them have fun together... 

mom looking at son who is laughing behind her

...and playing peek-a-boo with leaf! 

boy peeking over red leaf in playground

Claire Toney lives in Northern California with her family of 4 + two adorable dogs. She loves spending time with families and photographing their moments together.