Sacramento Photographer | Couple Photoshoot | Anja & DJ

I met up with Anja & DJ last month for a couple photoshoot. They want the photos for a "Save the Date" event they will be having later this year.

A couple looking at each other in front of a brick wall

They are both photographers and met in Africa a few years ago on a photography trip. Despite living on opposite sides of the United States, the two kept in touch and became good friends. A couple years ago, DJ came to California to visit Anja. When they saw each other again, they knew that they were meant to be together. They eloped last year and plan on celebrating their marriage later this year. 

A couple laughing in Old Sacramento

I love capturing the chemistry between couples in love. Anja had some ideas for the photos that she wanted of them together. Based on them, we decided that an urban setting would be perfect for their photoshoot. We chose Old Sacramento for the wonderfully old brick buildings, gritty looking alley-ways, and the numerous backdrops that it had to offer. Having our photosession in the morning made it even better because there were less people in the areas where we wanted to shoot. 

A couple laughing and walking in an alley

The most fun part for me was photographing their fun-loving personalities. They gladly followed my crazy suggestions and prompts. The images that I captured are as fun, dynamic, and energetic as they are. There were also some areas in Old Sacramento where we were able to capture some quiet & tender moments between them. 

A couple sitting and cuddling on brick steps

Thank you Anja & DJ for letting me photograph this session for you! 

A couple dancing in an alley

Claire Toney Photography is located in Rancho Cordova CA. Her favorite photos are the ones that show the true personalities of the people in them. She enjoys capturing photographs of couples that reflect the true love and chemistry between them.

The best way to contact her for a photoshoot is to send her a message at If you are near the Sacramento area, you can also reach her by calling (916) 769-5482.