Mommy & Me Photoshoot | Ashley

Portrait session in Newcastle CA

These Mom & Me photography sessions make me so happy.  

a mom looking at her son who is looking at the camera

Ashley answered my recent model call for a Mom & Me Photoshoot. We held the session at her home in Newcastle CA with her three children. The area really complements my photography style as we had lots of room to move around. I love locations where I can let kids run safely, as this usually helps with getting natural expressions from them. 

It's so important to get the cooperation from children from the very start of a photosession, especially if they are at that age when they realize they don't need to listen to you (anyone working with children can surely attest to this!) I started with a game of Simon Says, a perfect game for photoshoots where kids are involved. You can tell them to do whatever you want and they will do it because they think you're playing - everyone wins!  

A mom surrounded by her 3 children who are hugging her and acting silly

I like to get some naturally posed photos in the beginning, so I brought out my blanket for them to sit on. They have a very friendly cat that came to visit. While I don't normally include family pets in my sessions, this pet insisted on it. 

A mom and her 3 children are sitting on the ground with a cat on her daughter's lap
A sweet mother and daughter portrait with the daughter hugging her mom from the back

I love getting photos that reflect the unique relationship each mother has with her children. Jensen may be the cool older brother, but it was so good for him to remember that although he is the oldest, it's still okay to cuddle with mom. 

A son hugging his mom from the back. They are sitting on a green lawn

Thank you Ashley for inviting me to your home for your Mom & Me Photoshoot! It was so fun spending time with you and your kids and I am glad that they had a good time. 

Claire Toney specializes in natural light lifestyle photography. She will be offering Mom & Me photoshoots soon, just in time for Mother's Day. She is SO GRATEFUL for the moms that responded to her model call. You'll be seeing those sessions in the upcoming weeks.