Model Photography | Biridiana

I met with Biridiana in Roseville CA a few weeks ago for a Steampunk Styled Photoshoot. I love the edgy look combined with the Victorian details...or is it the other way around? I prepared for this outdoor session by scouring the internet for inspiration, as well as the local thrift stores. While I drooled over the awesome costumes created especially for this genre, I needed to do this shoot on a budget. 

I did splurge on a few details - a top hat, some sci-fi goggles, a pocket watch, and a really cool cane topped with skulls. These were affordable and I was able to justify their cost - I mean, what's a steampunk photo shoot without a hat and goggles? 

Another challenge was finding a location that fit my vision that was not too far from either of us. I needed to find a place in between Rancho Cordova and Gridley, where Birdiana was traveling from, so downtown Sacramento was out of the questions. Downtown Roseville has a great metal bridge near the Veteran's Memorial Hall. When I scoped the area, I found some backdrops that fit with the steampunk vibe that I wanted. 

Teen steampunk styled photoshoot on an old metal bridge

Her outfit was comprised of a peasant top, a tulle skirt, a pair of black laced boots ($5 at the thrift store!), a pin striped shirt that acted as a vest, the cane I mentioned earlier, the top hat and the goggles. I positioned the goggles on the hat at first, but we took them off for a slightly different look towards the end of the session. 

high contrast photo of a teen girl wearing steampunk inspired clothing
Teen on a metal bridge wearing steampunk inspired clothing
Teen model sitting on concrete steps with a metal railing
Teen girl holding a top hat that she is wearing on her head with goggles on top

This was my first styled photoshoot with an older model, and I was very pleased with the results. Thank you Biridiana (and Santiago for driving) for modeling for me! 

Claire Toney Photography is located in Rancho Cordova California. Once in a while, she has ideas for styled photoshoots. If you are interested in modeling for one, send her a message at or call her at (916) 769-5482