Camera Tips | Snow Shoot

A few years ago, I participated in a Snow Shoot. I loved the idea of taking photographs of models in beautiful costumes surrounded by pure white color. For this photoshoot, the models dressed up as fairytale characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, the Evil Queen, and Dancing Princesses.

Revisiting the photos for this post reminded me of the magical images that I was able to take.  

On the other hand, I remembered that the idea made me a little nervous; it was the first time I had taken my fancy camera to such cold conditions. I realized that I should probably protect my gear. I heard too many unfortunate stories about condensation ruining lenses, never mind the danger of falling snow and water getting into the body. Keep reading for what I did to help protect my camera and lenses. 

Woman wearing red cape standing in a snowy forest. 
Woman laying on a settee, wearing a bright blue gown, in a snowy forest
Young woman wearing a black cape and a lacy sleeved dress standing in a snowy forest and looking at the camera

The precautions I took were pretty basic. 

1) Condensation comes from sudden changes in temperature. To keep this to a minimum, I didn't turn up the heat in my car (!). This kept my car cold so the change in temperature wasn't so drastic when I took my camera out. 

2) I saved up silicon packets to help absorb any moisture. These can be found anywhere, even in some packaged food. I put them in plastic ziploc bags that were big enough to hold my camera and the lenses that I wanted to use (I only wound up using one because I was paranoid about changing the lens in the cold). 

3) About falling snow - this did happen. I was fortunate to be wearing a cotton shirt that I used to wipe the water off of my camera and lens. I also read that my DSLR was weather proof, so I wasn't *too* worried. However, I wish I saw this tip from Peta Pixel for a cheap and easy way to protect your camera in the snow and rain, as long as you have a lens hood. 

4) Finally, while this isn't a tip to protect your gear as much as it's something to remember: Batteries drain faster in the cold so bring a spare! 

I'm really hoping to make it out the the snow this year. We have 2 sleds in the garage that are begging to be used. 

Claire Toney grew up on the east coast, so she is no stranger to cold weather. There are days when she misses "real winters" and photos of kids wrapped up in puffy snow suits making snow forts. In fact, she would love to join you and your family to document your snow day!