Mommy & Me Photoshoot | Sabrina

Sabrina answered my Mom & Me Model Call a few weeks back. She has two children, Claire & Jack. whose personalities are polar opposites. Claire is calm & sweet; Jack is energetic & silly. It was fun capturing these personalities & I loved photographing their interactions with their mom. 

Claire is the oldest & just adores her mom. 

Mom and daughter looking at each other

Jack is the youngest who loves to be silly. It was pretty cold that day so he wanted to wear a blanket for the shoot. Luckily, he was wearing a puffy vest; it was easy to convince him to throw off the blanket. Having an excuse to cuddle with mom didn't hurt either ;)

Son and mom looking at each other and laughing
Mom kissing her son on the forehead and son is looking at the camera

When it really comes down to it though, I think they were having a lot of fun. Jack is still young, so as much as he tried, he just could *not* keep his silly side under wraps. His sweetest smiles turned into impish grins 2 seconds later. It's hard not to have a good time during a photoshoot when someone is trying to make you laugh, am I right??

Mom and her two kids posing for the camera
Mom laughing as her son is kissing her on the cheek

Even Claire couldn't help laughing with Jack & contributing to the the "silly pose".

Girl has her arm around her brother and they are laughing

The best part was when Sabrina joined in the silliness. I love the shot below. I took it right before Jack was able to single-handedly pull his mom & his sister backwards with him onto the lawn, resulting in a tickle fest. 

Mom and her two children making a kissy faced at the camera

Thank you Sabrina for answering my Mom & Me Model Call! It was so nice to see you for a fun photoshoot with your kids! 

Claire Toney is a Natural Light Photographer located in Rancho Cordova California. She loves meeting & photographing families. She specializes in lifestyle photography & capturing natural moments. To book a session, send her a message at She can also be reached at (916) 769-5482