Mommy & Me Photoshoot | Gangotri

I photographed Gangotri and her 2 beautiful children earlier this month for a Mom & Me Photoshoot. When I first met her, Gangotri owned her own Yoga Studio. She closed it about a year ago to spend more time with her kids. 

A little boy laying on his mom's lap with his sister leaning on her
Mom and her little girl looking at each other

This particular morning was VERY cold; Gangotri told me that her son saw spray from a sprinkler frozen in mid-air while they were driving out from their neighborhood. What a sight that must have been!

We met for our photoshoot at Dry Creek Park in Roseville CA. It's a very pretty area. We walked the short trail from the playground to the dirt path right next to the creek. I love paths like this - whenever I stroll on them, I imagine that its twists and turns are hiding little surprises like wildflowers or little rabbit holes. We chanced upon a spot with a nice amount of shade and we were set. 

Mom and her 2 children 

Despite the freezing cold (or perhaps because of it??) we were able to get the sweetest smiles from her children. Gangotri is such a warm and loving mom that I am sure that was part of it! 

Mom hugging her son

One of my favorite parts of the photo session was near the end when I asked the children to run to their mom and hug her. I think they missed the "hug her" part of my instructions because they ran straight to me, past her. I laughed and told them to go back to their mom and give her a big hug. They tackled her instead. I guess sometimes you have to take your hugs no matter what form they come in ;)

a laughing mom sitting on the ground and her children are about to land on top of her

Thank you Gangotri for a wonderful morning. It was nice to meet your kids and glad they they were able to make the most of a cold but activity filled morning!

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