Generation Photo Session | Mary • Teri • Sophie

Teri was one of the first moms to answer my Mom & Me Model Call last month. I've known her for several years, ever since our kids went to the same school. I'm so glad that we kept in touch after her daughter graduated last year. She asked if we could include her mom for a Generation photo session - of course I said YES! After several attempts to nail down a date (rain and illness forced us to reschedule a few times last month) we finally met in Folsom CA. 

Granddaughter, grandmother, and mother at sunset 

One of the best things about Generation photo sessions is getting to know more about the moms that I meet. I love that the mothers & grandmothers that participate in these shoots appreciate how important it is to cherish the time that you have with the ones that you love. Mary and Teri mentioned that this photo session was so important to them because Teri is the only child, as is Sophie. They have been wanting to have a session like this for some time, so when Teri heard about my model call, she jumped at the opportunity. 

Mother and her adult daughter in a green field. 
Granddaughter hugging her grandmother from behind. 

I loved spending time with these ladies! Mary's positive attitude and energy were so refreshing. She was such a good sport with all the prompts that I asked them to do, that I couldn't help but mention to Teri that she must have had a fun childhood. I was not surprised when she affirmed this, and added that Sophie did too =) 

Generation photograph with a grandmother, mother, and daughter at the Folsom Bridge in Folsom California

I love Sophie's smile in the photo below. In the shots leading up to it, I thought her mom was saying things that she was embarrassed about. It turned out that her mom was reminding her about something in her childhood. Sophie's face reflected her amazement that her mom remembered something that she thought was mundane. I can appreciate this - my kids are often baffled at the things that I remember about their childhood. They don't yet realize that all the little things are just as important as the big milestones. 

Mother whispering something in her smiling daughter's ear 

How wonderful it is to have sessions where the love is reflected in the captured images! Thank you for answering my Mom & Me Model Call, Teri! I loved meeting your mom and spending time with all of you <3

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