Mom & Me Photoshoot | Anna

I met Anna years ago, when my daughter was in preschool. Her oldest is a couple of years older than mine and will be leaving for college in a few months. How quickly time goes by! It was so nice to see her, with her son and daughter, a few weeks ago for a Mom & Me photography session in Old Folsom. 

Mom and her 2 teenager children at Folsom CA

Until about a year ago, Anna had her own childcare center, based out of her home. I asked her if she misses it; she answered yes, but it's nice to have my own home back. I can certainly relate. Children tend to take over whatever living space they occupy, don't they?

Her son is in high school and was not crazy about having his pictures taken. I love that he acquiesced and seemed to enjoy some of the session. How could he not, with two beautiful women posing next to him (even if they are related ;) )

Mom and her two older children on a pedestrian bridge at Old Folsom CA
Mom and her two older children walking and laughing on a pedestrian bridge in Folsom CA

Her daughter will be leaving for New York in a few months. I think about this and it gives me a bittersweet feeling...while it's important to give your children wings, it's still painful to see them fly away.

Mom and her daughter hugging on a bridge at Folsom CA

I'm so glad we had a chance to meet up for this session, Anna! I had a wonderful time with you and your kids <3 <3

Brother and sister sitting back to back on a bridge

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